Sustainable Solutions Benefiting The Producer, The Consumer, and The Planet



At Cotton Web, we aim to create a more robust ecosystem where art meets technology meets ethics. We are committed to creating a green future for the next generation by taking measures towards sustainability, including:

Committed To Saving Water

We proudly iterate to all our stakeholders that Cotton Web Limited is a water-saving company. We completely realize our responsibility towards the environment and emphasize on resolving the water management issue. And that is why we are using the latest water-saving technologies in laundry, including Laser Technology, UP System, BRS (Brongo), E-Flow, Ozone, and Sprinkler (Rain Forest). Additionally, we have treatment plants to make effluent water re-useable, including Modern Biological Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Plant.

Green Chem

Adopting The Green Chemistry

Sustainable development processes are the core of our company, and we manage our chemical compliance in a responsible way. We ensure our manufacturing processes and garments are safe for end-users, our employees, the surroundings, and the environment.

We closely monitor the overall chemical use in various production processes and keep a record of Global Compliance Certificates provided by our suppliers like ZDHC, Blue Sign, ETAD, Green Screen Certificates, Oeko-Tex etc. On a monthly basis, we upload our chemical inventories into the CleanChain portal, which is monitored by the ADEC Innovation organization helping us in automating the complex tasks of our chemicals tracking, managing, and reporting compliance with Manufacturing Restricted Substance Lists (MRSLs) and Restricted Substances Lists (RSLs). Different on-site audits are conducted through third parties like Higg Index to verify that our chemical management system complies with the sustainability goals of our organization, country, international brands, and all stakeholders.

Sustainable Energy

20% of our daily energy requirement is green, generated by our solar energy system, and we plan to increase it up to 40% in a couple of years.

We have been producing green energy every day for the last 4 years, which translates to a reduction in carbon footprint equivalent to planting 17,500 trees. And generate electricity to power more than 375 homes.


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